Digivolution Rules

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Digivolution Rules

Post by Takashi on Sun Apr 29, 2012 11:34 am

Baby 0-20 posts
In-Training 20-50 posts
Rookie 50-300 posts
Champion 300-700 posts
Ultimate 700-1300 posts
Mega 1300 - 1500
Burst Mode 1500+

As you may have noticed, we use post system to determinate capability of digivolution. Of course possessing different kind of digivice enables you to do different things. About digivice features please click here.
We distinguish basic, armor,DNA, warp and dark digivolution.

  • Basic Digivolution

During Digivolution the Digimon's appearance and attributes change, and it becomes significantly stronger than it was before. So, if you'r digimon is in baby stage and you reached the criteria for In-training stage, the digimon can start this process and digivolve.
 -In order to digivolve to Ultimate form, your character needs to possess a crest and a tag alongside it.

  • Armor Digivolution

An ancient form of digivolution which only a handful of Digimon are capable of. To gain this form, the Digimon needs to absorb the energy from one of the special Digi-Eggs. Usually if you possess a crest(s), your Digi-Egg(s) are going to be the same. 

  • DNA Digivolution

The name "Jogres" is a portmanteau of the words "Joint" and Progress". DNA Digivolution allows two Digimon to combine into one Digimon of a higher level. The two original Digimon consciousnesses join into one, and the combined Digimon can speak with both voices—often simultaneously. Your digimon needs to be able to digivolve to champion in order to perform this digivoluion. Also, you need to find a partner tamer whose Digimon can reach champion stage as well.

  • Warp Digivolution

Is a digivolution process where a Digimon can reach a higher level directly bypassing any intermittent phases. In order to perform this your digimon must be capable of reching Mega level, also you need to purchase item called Digi Aura from Wizardmon Shop.

  • Dark Digivolution

Is a corrupt form of regular Digivolution, usually resulting in an evil digimon. A Digimon dark digivolves when someone coerces it to digivolve forcefully, with a mind clouded with anger, or through dark power. A Digimon digivolved through this method is evil and perceives nothing but its urges to destroy, making it very dangerous.
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