Lyra Blackwell

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Lyra Blackwell

Post by Lucretia on Mon Apr 30, 2012 9:39 pm

Character name: Lyra Blackwell
Nickname: --
Gender: Female
Age: 15 (Though actually only 7)
Crest: Light
Personality: She can seem cold and distant at times, not wanting to get too close to anybody or anything. This is due to her fear of loss. However in her heart she wants to be close, she wants to love, and she wants the purity that she once held close.

Biography: Lyra was once a sweet young girl until a terrible incident caused her father to abandon her and her mother. This incident caused the severe change in Lyra's personality. Though her personality grew darker and morose, her true heart stayed true to her crest, light. The outward act is only to hide her true feelings in cold hard shell for protection.
Her mother moved them both to a Native American reserve in the north after her father left them. She always felt that there was more out there waiting for her to just come and snatch it up. If there's one thing that she loved to do it was to sit and listen to the elders while they told legends and folklore of their people. Her favorite was the tale of the Wendigo.

When she turned seven, Her mother noticed that she hadn't made many friends at all other than with the elders. So to try and ease the pain of the daughter, her mother bought her a small keychain toy. It was an electronic device that had a virtual pet inside. The pet started out as an egg, and hatched into a small jellylike creature. Then one day the Keychain lit up when no one else was around and Lyra was sucked into it through a vortex created by some unmatched inexplicable force. This is when she entered the digital world while on the other side of the world, there were other children who had also been sucked into a vortex similar to this one. The vortex warped time and space, causing her to age 8 years.

Appearance: After the growth spurt Lyra stands at about 5 foot four. Her hair is an auburn mahogany color with slight waves framing her face. She has a generally slender frame as most 17 year olds would. Her measurements after this growth spurt stand at 32c, 28, 34(not metric). Her eyes are an emerald green, and her skin naturally darker due to her Native American heritage though she's only about 1/8th herself.

She is wearing jean cut shorts, with a large leather and metal rings belt along with what appeared to be a deerskin tube top. She had on soft brown boots with metal rings clasped around her ankles, and leather straps holding up the boots. She had similar metal rings like large bangles around her wrists. Her longer hair that was framing her face had been bunched into small beaded bands that held him like loosely hanging ponytails upfront. The back of her hair was cropped rather short to where if she only has some styling gel she might've been able to spike some of it up. She also had a strange choker necklace with a pendant on it.

-leave blank-
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-leave blank-
Digimon: Conomon
Digimon's nickname: Koko
Digimon's personality: Koko can be very serious at times, wanting to protect Lyra. She is surprisingly mature at times, and acts more as a mother figure than anything.
Digivolution Route: Conomon-Kokomon-Lopmon-Wendigomon-Antylamon-Cherubimon
Attacks of Digimon:
-Acid Bubbles: spits acidic bubbles to intimidate the foe.

-Koko Crusher: spits out many adhesive bubbles at the foe.

-Tiny Twister (Petit Twister): Generates a tiny tornado by spinning its ears like a propeller.
-Blazing Ice/Blazing Fire: Spits out shots of supercooled air.
**Unison Technique: Double Typhoon: A mighty technique in which it performs its "Tiny Twister" alongside Terriermon's "Terrier Tornado".

-Koko Crusher[4] (Destroyed Voice): Destroys even rocks with a shock wave.
-Cable Crusher[5] (Club Arm): Swings both of its arms like clubs.

-Bunny Blades[6] (Asipatravana)[7]: Spins on its axis like a tornado, cutting anything surrounding it with the Treasure Axes.
-Treasure Axe[8] (宝斧 Bǎo Fǔ?): Summons and attacks with the Treasure Axes.
-Meditation Cure[9]: Recovers from any kind of damage in an instant.
-Arm Bomber[9]: Hardens its body tissue to the level of Chrome Digizoid by liberating all of the energy within its body, then unleashes a mighty blow.

Cherubimon [H]:
-Lightning Spear: Fires a spear of lightning.
-Holy Hug (Heaven's Judgment): Summons a gigantic thundercloud, then drops innumerable lightning bolts on the opponent.

Cherubimon [E]:
-Lightning Spear: Fires a spear of lightning.
-Storm of Judgment[9] (Heaven's Judgment): Summons a giant thundercloud, then drops innumerable lightning bolts on the opponent.
-Terminal Judgment (Final Judgment): An enhanced version of Storm of Judgment which increases the range and density of the lightning bolts.
-Thousand Spears (Thousand Spear): An enhanced version of Lightning Spear which fires multiple spears of lightning.
-Lightning Blast: An enhanced version of Lightning Spear which greatly enlarges the spear fired.

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Re: Lyra Blackwell

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