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Digimon Battle

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Digimon Battle Empty Digimon Battle

Post by Takashi Sun May 06, 2012 8:07 pm

Digimon Battle QumTI
Digimon Tamers are special people chosen by the good Digimon as partners in their defense against the rampaging evil Digimon.
In Digimon Battle, you and your friends are Tamers. As a Tamer, you will travel with your Digimon between both worlds and help your Digimon digivolve and grow stronger.
Sounds easy, huh? But do you have what it takes to become a legendary Tamer? Can you help your Digimon become the very best it can possibly be?
You can chose one of three starter digimon, and those are: Gigimon, Gummymon and Viximon. Also you can capture as many other digimon as you want.
Explore Real World and Digimon World, Tame and Raise your digimon to mega lvl, Battle with your friends are only few features you can use in the game.

Link: http://digimonbattle.wemade.net/main/main.asp

Digimon Battle Angemon
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