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Post by Lucretia Tue May 15, 2012 1:23 am

On this site, you have a choice of one out of three different kinds of digivices. Those are the D3, D-Arc, and Data Link Device. In this post, you will find information regarding the differences between these devices. They each provide different benefits, so choose wisely.


The D3 were created by Azulongmon and the Harmonious Ones to be able to utilize the ancient DigiArmours. They are an upgraded version of the original digivices, and so can also utilize crests when available. In addition to this, D3's also allow another form of digivolution in which two rookie and/or champion digimon combine to create an ultimate digimon for a short time. This is called DNA Digivolution, and once the Digimon are exhausted they will separate back into their original forms.

Some basic information about the D3 can be found under the spoiler.
Dubbed "D-3s" by Izzy for their three settings—Digital, Detect and Discover—the D-3s possess all the basic functions of the original Digivices, allowing for Digivolution to the Champion level and DNA Digivolution to Ultimate. Used in conjunction with Digimental-type Digi-Eggs (stored within everyday store-bought palmtops known as "D-Terminals") D-3s also allow Armor Digivolution.

The devices can be charged with an energy, which can then be released in attempt to turn a corrupted digimon to their side.


The D-Arc is a newer type of Digivice, often delivered either by slashing a blue card through some sort of reader, or delivered by DigiGnomes. These Digivices have a slot along the side of them, allowing them to read certain cards that can be slashed through it. The Digivice then transfers the data of the card to the partner Digimon, giving them a temporary boost of power or a temporary ability (such as flight). This action is called "DigiModification" and can only be done with "official" cards from the supposed game, sold in stores. In addition, the Digivices can analyze most Digimon by simply aiming the device at them. A Digivolution card, or being exposed to the Digivolution Core (Calumon) can cause a Digimon to digivolve to Champion level. A "Blue Card" is required for Matrix Digivolution to Ultimate. One more thing that the D-Arc can do is allow the Tamer to "Bio-Merge", that is become one with their Digimon in order to push them to the Mega level.

More information:
The D-Power can analyze nearly every Digimon that the Tamer's Digimon sees Digimon, Digimon Everywhere, has a Compass/Radar function Guilmon Comes Alive which can detect when an aggressive Digimon is nearby, and can display what the Tamer's Digimon is seeing. Ryo's is seen to generate an energy whip; it is not known whether the other Tamers' D-Powers have this function. The D-Power can also heal the Tamer's Digimon. If needed, the D-Power digivice contains a data port on the top that can be accessed by opening a hatch by pressing the up button. (It's unknown if a special option is needed to be accessed to open the hatch, or if it can be accessed simply by pressing the up button in an idle state.)

::Data Link Device::

Also known as the Digivice iC, the Data Link Device is a Digivice used by DATS(Digital Accident Tactics Squad) members. This Digivice is received directly from the DATS headquarters when a person is recruited. If a person already has a Digivice, their current one will not be replaced with the new one, but can still help to accomplish DATS' goal.

More information:
The Data Link Digivice allows Digimon to digivolve via "D.N.A. Charge" to Champion stage and with "D.N.A. Full Charge" to Ultimate stage. The lead characters are able to generate something known as a "D.N.A." (Digimon Natural Ability, "Digisoul" in the original version). It emerges from the human partner's hand for the evolution from Rookie to Champion, and from the heart which engulfs the body for the evolution from Champion to Ultimate. When received by a Digimon, it allows them to digivolve. (Almost similar to the "Spirit Evolution" in Frontier, with the exception of the human evolving into a Digimon) It is also capable of absorbing a Digimon from a certain device on the rear end. The buttons on its face are the same as the DATS (Digital Accident Tactics Squad) logo. Is about 3 1/2" tall, about 1 1/2" wide, and about 1/2" thick. "D.N.A. Charge! Overdrive!" is the method used to get to Mega form, but the raw DigiSoul is dangerous and can destroy the device when attempted. An upgraded version of this device exists, called "Digivice Burst" which can utilize the "Charge! D.N.A. Burst Mode!" ("Charge! Digisoul Burst!" in the Japanese version) to activate "Burst Mode", as well the "Signal Port", allowing the use of a new feature called "Air Signal", which has three functions: Aura, Barrier and Burst Evolution.
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